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About Plank Skateboards® LLC

        Plank Skateboards®, LLC is a small owner operated company started in San Francisco, California, now based in Sonoma County. In the late 60’s David Troxel, owner of Plank, moved from Long Beach to Davis, California where he soon missed the ocean and surfing. Using some steel rollerskate wheels and a plank of wood he made his first skateboard with his friend Gregg LaComb in their garage. They then began making hardwood skateboard decks in his high school woodshop using the logo “Wood”.

In 2002 David went looking for a longboard, couldn’t find one he liked, decided to make his own and Plank Skateboards® was born in San Francisco. In 2008 Plank moved north to Sonoma County, California. Shortly after the move an unexpected battle with cancer delayed Plank's resurgence. Now it's 2015 and David is a 5 Year cancer survivor and is ready for his comeback!

Using old school techniques each PLANK is assembled to create a beautiful and unique skateboard with a superb ride. Each deck is an individual work of art as David designs and hand shapes them in small batches from exotic hardwoods, all in their beautiful natural colors, with NO dyes or stains. Every PLANK is a 3-layered hardwood deck assembled with different patterns and woods using the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship. The 3-layers are pressed together resulting in a modest rocker. The Plank logo is heat branded into each board. Boards are individually priced based on the woods used and the number of laminations.

Current styles include 36 & 48" Super Flex and the new Springer Flex Deck as well as our classic 24” Half-Planks,  36” decks,  48” Longboards including our classic Pin Tail, Nose Rider, Round Tail, and a Block Tail. Look for more new styles coming in 2015!

NEW in 2015- The Springer Flex. More Styles, More Planks, More Wheels!
Enjoy, Ride Hard and Walk The Plank!!!

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